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Azure Functions are code triggered events that scale well owing to their serverless capabilities. The triggering mechanisms are diverse — time based (CRON functions), http, storage triggers (blob, queue) etc. Functions are also unique in that they can be coded in a variety of languages like C#, Python, Javascript etc. In this article, I will be demonstrating a simple ML python script that is triggered using Azure functions using VS code. You can check my git repo here.


And why it's a good idea to learn more than just Data Science


Over a little over two years, I have gone from learning to program on Python to building dashboards and pipelines for customers on a slew of machine learning and deep learning problems. When I started my career, I had begun with a job that hired me on my educational strength. My background is in Solid Mechanics and for over five years with an advanced degree to boot, I was learning and constantly applying my foundational knowledge into solving real world problems and partly on fundamental research.

Over time I was running more complex simulations, only to wait for days to…

An end to end pipeline on creating a Deep Learning model to creating a Web Application

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Most often we are stuck with codes sitting in our computer. We would like a simple deployment pipeline that would enable our customers to check our codes, accuracy etc., and give us a quick go, no-go to our POC. In this light it becomes very easy if we can enable our customers to simply test our models from a website.

Creating and deploying web applications have become much easier thanks to Azure. In this article the focus will be on deploying a trained classification model on Azure services. I will not be focussing on the code for the classification model…

lalitha raghavan

Senior Researcher and Data Scientist at Saint-Gobain Research

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